DARISWANAAG (good neighbourhood) Initiative

Our current diasporic programs include Dariswanaaginitiative (good neighbourhood) that is a series of community-based programmes for the Somali-British community in Southall, London. Our initiative started as informal community gatherings since February 4, 2017 in Golf Links, Southall where several constructive community dialogue events and consultations took place. These dialogical events and discussions entailed the idea to organise purposeful events and forums addressing the needs of the diverse community groups. These needs include youth identity, youth motivational events, educational support for both young and old generations, parenting programs, and so on. As part of our Dariswanaag initiative, ILAYSNABAD: Dialogue & Development Initiative (IDDI) has organised a well-attended motivational event entitled “Inspire Somali Youth in Golf Links” on Sunday 21st January 2018;Golf Links’ Graduation Celebration event for 22 graduates in September 20th 2017 and also a continuing homework club.

Inspire Somali-British Youth in Golf Links Sunday 21st January 2018

This inspirational event was held at Nagma Restaurant in Southall. Around 50 young men and women from universities across London, A levels, and GCSEs participated. Two young motivational speakers (woman and man) were invited. Abdi Guiled, one of the two speakers talked about his inspirational personal life journey and his success explaining difficulties he encountered in the past, andhow he managed to overcome all these challenges and became a successful consultant at a firmbased in London. He also talked about his own educational enterprise. ShukriAdan, who is another motivational speakercaptured psyches and souls of young participants. As a young mother, she talked how shemanaged to successfully complete her studies, became a teacher, and a motivational speaker. After these motivational speeches, there were very interactive discusses on small groups where each group was tasked to discussion a specific question and share their views with the rest. These questions included: What are the main needs of Somali youth in Golf Links?What are the main challenges facing Somali-British youth in Golf Links?How do you describe youth-parents relationships? How to improve youth-parent relationships? How could you imagine the situation of Somali youth in Golf Links in 5 years to come? What are the best ways to motivate our youth in the Golf Links?

Golf Links Graduation Ceremony On 20th of September 2017

IDDI organised very successful graduation event held at Gifto’s Lahore Restaurant in Southall. Around 22 graduates from universities, A levels, and GCSE’ benefited from this event. There was also an interactive discussion as the event was a wonderful networking opportunityin which young participants had a chance to know each other and share their experiences, stories and common aspirations.

Homework Club

Our Homework Club was a suggestion from parents living in Golf Links area. It was eight weeks educational support pilot that started 6 February 2018 and ended 24th February 2018. Five university students of Somali origin offered one to one help for Somali children studying primary and secondary schools in Golf Links. This educational pilot support was focused on subjects students studied at schools and needed an extra support such as Maths, Science, and English. Our student teachers have developed sense of contribution and giving back to their community. Similarly, they have become positive role models for the young ones who may have never seen any Somali teacher in their lives. Because the pilot was successful, we are now thinking about the possibility of establishing a permanent Homework Club.