The word ILAYS is Somali and literally means rays of the sun that are natural, moderate and well-balanced, providing the sunlight that every living thing needs to grow. The word ILAYS is used when someone in a dark place, but then the rays slowly glimmer and shine through the dark from afar through any cracks or holes, windows or doors. ILAYS is not used for any light other than natural sunlight. The artificial and man-made lights in our environment are referred to as ‘Iftiin’ ‘Nal’ in Somali language. Iftiin, however, can be referred both to natural and unnatural. Additionally, the word ILAYS could indicate the meaning of cosy.

The word NABAD means ‘peace’ in Somali. When the words ILAYS and NABAD are combined ‘ILAYSNABAD” they provide a powerful, hopeful and inspirational meaning : ‘Light of Peace’. The ILAYS in the LOGO that glimmers from above and afar signifies a dawning hope and peace that has already began to slowly and gradually permeate across Somalia and the diaspora too, since positive or negative events in Somalia resonate in the diaspora, and vice versa.

The two shaking hands represent dialogue, understanding, compromise, reconciliation, harmony and potential sustained peace and stability in Somalia in the long-term. The green colour represents development and prosperity achieved in the hands of Somalis. Sustainable development and peace are two sides of the one coin.

The image of KUR that is the object inside the arms symbolises an incipient hope and an expected shared understanding followed by reconciliation and peace. The KUR is a handmade tool made out of wood. It is popular in the South, South-West, North East and Central Somalia. The KUR was made by Somali hands, we hope that the peace in Somalia will be indigenous, home-grown, and based on our own insights and experiences, but supported by the international community. Peace is only possible through partnerships. Inside the KUR there are small coffee beans and fried oil which cool slowly and then are blended with cooked CANBUULO (corn), popcorn, and kidney beans. After this is eaten DUA (prayers) to be guided to right pathways will follow. All these introductory steps (cooking and eating CANBUULO, DUA and so on) happen before the start of the event and before reciting versus from the holy QURAN for blessing. Then an invigorating meeting to initiate successful action kicks off. As fried oil, coffee beans, corn, and popcorn at the end become beneficial to human beings, so we hope that it is time the Somali society that has been burnt by prolonged civil wars, violent conflicts, corruption and bad governance to cool down, reflect and learn from the suffering and pain and build together a peaceful and prosperous society.

The blue is the colour of the sky and sea where the first IDDI peace training workshops were held in Somalia. Blue is often associated with stability and depth in reflection. It symbolises trust, loyalty, wisdom, intelligence, confidence, faith, truth and heaven. It is beneficial to the mind and body. Green is colour of life, renewal, nature and energy. It is associated with richness, growth, prosperity, development, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environmentally friendly attitudes. Yellow symbolises hope, and happiness, freshness, positivity, clarity, optimism, enlightenment, remembrance, intellect, honour, loyalty, and joy. This is ILAYSNABD: Dialogue & Development Initiative (IDDI).